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Distributing Christmas Gifts

Members again prepare to distribute gifts to all the patients and staff at the hospital on Christmas Eve. Over 800 gifts were distributed

League of Friends Letter

Morriston Hospital League of Friends gave up their Christmas Eve evening to provide and distribute free gifts to all the in-patients and ward staff at the hospital over the Christmas period. Pictured are League of Friends Treasurer Sian Harris Williams, Committee members Heulwen James, Jean Fowler and Publicity Officer Douglas G Thomas.

League of Friends Publicity Officer  Douglas Thomas said: “Over the last 60 years the Morriston Hospital League of Friends have provided small Christmas gifts to the inpatients and ward staff at Morriston on Christmas Eve. This year we distributed approx 900 inscribed pens and notebooks. Next year (2018), the League of Friends will be celebrating 75 Years at Morriston Hospital. The longest serving hospital league in the UK, and we would like to say a big thank you to all who have supported us over many years”.

The League of Friends has been at Morriston Hospital since June 1943, and provides a very important service to some of the most vulnerable people living in the South West Wales area. The League has over many years raised more than £2,100,000 to buy new hospital equipment, and support the wonderful work that is carried out at this hospital on a daily / weekly basis.

Distributing Christmas gifts 2015

Preparing to distribute Christmas gifts to patients and staff Christmas 2015. Approximately 1000 gifts were given out. Pictured are committee members Heulwen James, Douglas Thomas, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, John Hughes MBE Chairman and Patricia Hughes Secretary.