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Presentation of an Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner

Morriston Hospital League of Friends Presentation – Wednesday Evening, 30th November 2016 

 Presentation of an “Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner” to the Operating Theatres at Morriston Hospital.

Presentation took place in the Theatre Suite at Morriston Hospital, Swansea

Presentation of an “Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner”. Mr Hazem Al-Momani, Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon who specialises in gall bladder and stomach surgery said:  “The ultrasound scanner would be used in theatre instead of an MRI scanner during surgery – which would save theatre time and staff resource, it will also increase the opportunity for more gall bladder and stomach surgery to be carried out on a daily basis”.

League of Friends Publicity Officer Douglas Thomas said: “Many patients will benefit from this new Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner equipment at Morriston Hospital. The cost of this new scanner is £34,000. This is an essential piece of equipment, and will be used on patients undergoing stomach or gall bladder surgery at Morriston.

The League has over many years raised more than £2,000,000 to buy new hospital equipment, and support the wonderful work that is carried out at this hospital on a weekly basis. We are always grateful for the generous support we get from the people of Swansea and South West Wales when fundraising to buy vital equipment for Morriston Hospital”.

The following people were at the presentation and in the picture:-

Mr Douglas G Thomas – Publicity Officer, Morriston Hospital League of Friends

Mrs Patricia Hughes – League Secretary

Mrs Sian Harris Williams – League Treasurer

Mr John Hughes MBE – Chair of League

Mrs Jean Fowler – Committee Member

Mrs Heulwen James – Committee Member

Mr Paul Rees BEM – Committee Member

Mr Hazem Al-Momani – (Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon)

Ms Niki Dickens – Theatre Sister at Morriston Hospital

Rev Lance Sharpe – Morriston Hospital Chaplain

Douglas Thomas LCGI, M.Inst.LM, M.Inst.LG

Publicity Officer, Morriston Hospital League of Friends

Telephone No: – 01792 766162

1st December 2016

Presentations 12th May 2016

Presentation of Bladder Scanner and Trolley to Dan Danino Ward for use in Cardiac Department cost £8,212.00. Ward Manager Elizabeth Morgan and Sister Sarah Evans. Pictured are John Hughes MBE Chairman, Patricia Hughes Secretary, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer, Reverend Lance Sharpe, Jean Fowler and Heulwen James.

Presentation of two Welch Allyn Dinamaps to Ward T total cost £2,744.00. Ward Manager Anna-Marie Griffiths. Pictured are John Hughes MBE Chairman, Patricia Hughes Secretary, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer, Reverend Lance Sharpe, Jean Fowler and Heulwen James.

Presentation of Sara Stedy Hoist to Ward J Musculoskeletal Directorate and Ten footstools. Total cost £1858.00. Ward Manager Rhiannon Hawes. Pictured are John Hughes MBE Chairman, Patricia Hughes Secretary, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer, Reverend Lance Sharpe, Jean Fowler and Heulwen James.

Presentation of Fall Alarms

Presentation which took place in May 2016 to the MSK Department Morriston Hospital. The Falls alarms costing £4151 were purchased from the 2016 Annual Golf Tournament.

Pictured are League of Friends members together with Mr Paul Massey Captain of Morriston Golf Club, Sister Ceri James and Staff of Ward B.

The Purpose of Fall Monitors

  • “Bed Occupancy” Fall Monitors are known to reduce the Bed Occupancy levels resulting from a fall
  • “Length of Stay” Fall Monitors are known to reduce the risk of stay in hospital as a result from a fall
  • “Treatment Plan” Fall Monitors are known to reduce the risk of treatment costs as a result from a fall
  • “Reduced Surgery Costs” Fall Monitors are known to reduce the risk of treatment costs as a result from a fall
  • “Increased Confidence” Our Fall Monitors are known to increase patient confidence knowing that should they attempt to stand from a bed, chair or toilet, staff will be alerted immediately.
  • “Quality of Care” Families are very happy knowing that staff are doing all they can on the ward to look after their loved ones.

26th Annual Golf Tournament

The 26th annual Golf Charity Tournament will be held on 3rd June 2016 at Morriston Golf Club. The entry fee is £125 per team of 4 players. The round includes a yellow ball competition, 2’s, 7 individual hole prizes, a raffle, on course refreshments and a two course meal. This years tournament proceeds will be used to purchase Falls Alarm Equipment for the Musculoskeletal Department at Morriston Hospital. Entry forms can be obtained from John Hughes Chairman League of Friends on 07808974937 or Mrs Sian Harris Williams Treasurer and Golf Tournament  Organiser on 01269 591874.

Distributing Christmas gifts 2015

Preparing to distribute Christmas gifts to patients and staff Christmas 2015. Approximately 1000 gifts were given out. Pictured are committee members Heulwen James, Douglas Thomas, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, John Hughes MBE Chairman and Patricia Hughes Secretary.


25th Annual Golf Tournament


A warm welcome by the Captain and Committee awaited us once again at Morriston Golf Club, which hosted our 25th Annual Golf Tournament on 29th  May 2015.

The aim was to raise money to assist the league with the purchase of an UltraSound Unit  at a cost of £20,900 for our very busy A & E department. The Tournament  generated an income of almost £4,000.

This brings the total money raised by this Annual Tournament to £153,338.90

With fine weather and the course in excellent condition, 136 golfers experienced an enjoyable round of golf and warm hospitality. It was delightful to see a few new teams entered and have the continued support of our regular participants and sponsors.  Team David Healion took the winners trophy, with the Captains Team  close behind in second place, team John Linton were third and the team from FRF Car Warehouse picked up  4th prize.

The organising committee of Sian Harris Williams, John Hughes, Roy Blackmore and Club Captain  would like to convey their thanks to Morriston Golf club, Jeff Lewis, Paul Rees, Jimmy Davies and Hugh Williams for their assistance with the 2015 tournament and to all the participants for their support .

The success of the day enables us to look forward to  and organise something special for the 26th Annual Golf Tournament, which will once again be hosted by Morriston Golf Club  on Friday 3 June 2016

Any enquiries from companies  wishing to sponsor this very successful event  would be gratefully received by Sian Harris Williams  ( treasurer and  tournament  co-ordinator  Morriston Hospital league friends.

The winning team was Team David Healion
2nd Captains Team,
3rd team John Linton
4th FRF Car Warehouse

Swansea/News/Story Liz/Friday 29th May 2015 The 25th annual fundraising golf tournament at the Morriston Golf Club to raised money for the Morriston A&E department

Ultrasound Scanner to the A&E Department

A request was received from the Emergency Department within Accident and Emergency to purchase a DC70 Ultrasound machine costing £20,898.55. The linear probe for the current machine had broken down and was clinically unsafe to use. The objective would be to enhance the quality of patient care through rapid diagnosis and treatment. The plan is in line with national development of basic ultrasound skills to appropriately trained staff. Patients are the primary benefactors. Time to diagnosis is known to be reduced.


Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends,  Douglas Thomas, Jean Fowler, Heulwen James, Terry Beynon Captain of Moriston Golf Club Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends and John A Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends along with D Amit Shifkumar Associate Specialist and Clinical Lead for Ultrasound in the Emergency Department, Dr Sendhil Kumar and Dr Howard Allen with the new DC70 Ultrasound System costing £20,898.55.

Harvest festival


Twenty patients and league members celebrated harvest at the multi faith centre in the hospital.
Patients were brought to the service in beds and wheelchairs by league members and children from local schools, working towards their duke of Edinburgh awards.

Anglesey Ward thank League of Friends for donation of Bladder Scanner

Dear League of Friends,

We would like to thank you for your very kind donation of the Bladder Scanner for Anglesey and Gowers Ward.

This has proven to be a valuable piece of equipment to both Patients and staff of both wards.

The Bladder Scanner measures how much urine there is in the bladder. It is a painless procedure where gel is applied to the skin and a probe is gently pressed against the bladder area. This gives an accurate reading of the amount of urine in the bladder and indicates whether the patient needs further treatment or not, especially if they are having difficulty in passing urine. This will give us further insight into whether they need a urinary catheter inserted or a referral for further investigation.

May we also thank you for the continued support that you given to the hospital, it is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Sister Tracey Kowalski

Anglesey Ward