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Meet the League Day 9th April 2019

Another very successful morning at the Hospital. We sold cakes made by Sian and Patricia and hand made crafts and cards made by Jean and Kath. The cakes were a sell out!! Another exceptional day for promoting the League of Friends.

A Scope Guide presented to the Colonoscopy Department on 8th April 2019

Colonoscopy is a skilled procedure and can be challenging and unpredictable. The use of Scope guide makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and can aid the doctor greatly on completing the procedure. The scope guide provides a 3D and a real time view of the scope inside the patients abdomen. It identifies the position if the scope inside the abdomen cavity. It helps to identify loop formation in the bowel and helps to resolve these loops. Formation of loops can be very painful so preventing or resolving them makes the procedure much more comfortable for the patient. Cost £33,603.51.

Present Sister Terisa Maddison Endoscopy Unit Morriston Hospital

Peter Owen President Morriston Golf Club Pat Nolan Captain Morriston Golf Club

Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends, John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends, Heulwen James, Jean Fowler, Douglas Thomas, Dr Dave, Staff Nurse Nicola Harvey and Staff Nurse Emma Davies.

RITA Presentation to Ward D on 25th March 2019

Reminiscence Interactive Therapy and Activities involves a touch screen computer and tablet. The concept is to provide distraction therapy, break boredom, and reduce falls among those patients with dementia who are admitted to Ward D acutely unwell. The software consists of games, activities, films, music, relaxation pastimes, bingo and a whole range of other viewing material. The ward requested four touch screen computers and hoped to provide one set in each of the four sections of the ward. Total cost £23.980.

Present : John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends, Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends, Heulwen James, Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer, Anna Harries Matron Ward D,

Claire Morris Sister Ward D and Nicola Williams Nurse Director Morriston Hospital.

Distributing Christmas Gifts

Members again prepare to distribute gifts to all the patients and staff at the hospital on Christmas Eve. Over 800 gifts were distributed

Thanksgiving Service Celebrating 75 years of the League of Friends


Thank you for attending this afternoon to celebrate 75 years of Morriston Hospital League of Friends

The origin of the League dates back to 1943 when a committee was set up to provide film shows and concerts for wounded servicemen. It was the first League of Friends to be founded in the country. The first contribution was from the Darts League in providing wireless headphones to each bed at the hospital. The Friends purchased a cinematograph projector and twice weekly gave film shows for bed patients. They organised quizzes for the patients in which local sportsmen and personalities took part.

We began giving a Christmas gift for each patient and member of staff in 1953 and have continued doing so for 65 years.

To mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 the Friends provided patients with television sets to enable them to watch the pageantry of the Coronation procession and ceremony at Westminster Abbey. To commemorate the Coronation the League constructed the outpatients and visitors garden which is situated in front of Ty Olwen.

The Friends provided alcoves in the corridors as a comfortable rest area for hospital visitors and relatives of wounded soldiers.

One of our most magnificent gifts was the original Chapel which commemorated the twenty first anniversary of the founding of the hospital. The Chapel and its organ cost nearly £10,000 and the building including the cost of furnishings was £8000. The Chapel was opened in 1964.

The first hospital Chapel Organist was Megan Evans and she continued to play the organ for 25 years. Following her death Phil George took over as Chapel Organist and he continued for 26 years. Phil donated the Organ you see here today.

The overnight bungalow accommodation which cost £9000 was officially opened in 1976. The idea for an accommodation unit at the hospital for the relatives of seriously ill patient was conceived when the Friends saw visitors sleeping in the alcoves on bedding supplied by the hospital. This accommodation was demolished in 2010 and the Friends took over 2 Flats in Clos George Morgan which can accommodate 7 people. The new accommodation is used in a similar way to the old bungalow. It will be used by relatives of seriously ill patients thus enabling them to be near to their family whilst receiving treatment. We have had relatives staying in the accommodation from as far away as Poland and Sweden. We have helped well over 20,000 relatives.

This accommodation is in constant use and is greatly appreciate by the relatives. We do not charge for its use.

In 1977 we raised funds for the installation of a spina bifida unit and hydrotherapy pool at a cost of £7500.

We organised Carnivals for 34 years – Morriston being the largest Carnival in Wales. I remember one year the first float arriving at the hospital field when the last float was leaving Morriston a total of 51 floats in all. People watched the Parade in their thousands.

A list of the equipment we have provided to this hospital is far too extensive to read out today but the most expensive gift in 1983 was an ultrasonic scalpel for the Neurology Department at a cost of

£95,000. for which we raised £33.000. an awful lot of money in those days.

To sum up a quote from the late Miss M M Williams Matron of the Hospital paid the following tribute to the Friends at a Nurses Prizegiving Service = “The Friends have become part of the hospital I do not know what we would have done without them. They put themselves out tremendously to help us and they have provided facilities which although common place in the newer hospitals we would never have had without their support. They are greatly appreciated by the patients and staff and moreover they get on with their self appointed tasks unobtrusively and never expect to be praised. Thankfully the Morriston Hospital League of Friends continues its good work”

Since the commencement of the League a sum of £2,200,000 has been raised and used to purchase vital equipment for various departments within the hospital.

Today the League continues to raise funds through an annual Golf Tournament and the receipt of kind donations. The League also provide a service to the patients enabling them to attend the Sunday Chapel Services by transporting them by wheelchair, bed or assisted walking.

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Morriston Hospital League of Friends Presentation – 28th March 2018

Presentation of ten Arvada patient Chairs to ward J Musculoskeletal Directorate

costing £8,700. Ward Matron is Ms Cecilia Carpenter.

League of Friends Publicity Officer Douglas Thomas said: “Many patients will benefit from these new Arvada chairs at Morriston Hospital. The new chairs are high back with cushions and adjustable for a patients fit. The League has over 70 years raised more than £2,100,000 to buy new hospital equipment and support the wonderful work that is carried out at this hospital on a weekly basis. We are always grateful for the generous support we get from the people of Swansea and the surrounding areas when fundraising to buy this vital equipment for Morriston Hospital.

Images of Arvada chairsPresentation of Arvada Patient Chairs to MSK

The following people were at the presentation and in the picture:-

Mr Douglas G Thomas, League of Friends Publicity Officer

Mrs Jean Fowler, League of Friends Committee member

Mrs Heulwen James, League of Friends Committee member

Mrs Patricia Hughes, League of Friends Secretary

Mrs Sian Harris Williams, League of Friends Treasurer

Mr John Hughes MBE, Chairman League of Friends

Reverend Lance Sharpe, Hospital Chaplain

Jonathan Phillips, Charge Nurse, Morriston Hospital

Lukasz Sejboth, Physiotherapist, Morriston Hospital

Ms Cecilia Carpenter, Matron, Musculoskeletal Directorate, Morriston Hospital

The Colin Rees award 10th March 2018

This award was presented by the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan Mrs Louise Fleet JP on 10th March 2019 at Baglan Community Church. Mrs Fleet had been inspired by the work of the League of Friends and wanted to give the High Sheriff’s Special Award to volunteering and the community – the Colin Rees Award. Pictured from left are Patricia Hughes Secretary, John A Hughes MBE Chairman, Mrs Louise Fleet JP High Sheriff, Mrs Sian Harris Williams Treasurer, Jean Fowler, Heulwen James and Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer.

The Colin Rees Award 10.3.2018

Visit by HRH Charles Prince of Wales 23rd February 2018

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Morriston Hospital’s dedicated League of Friends has been given the royal seal of approval as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Prince Charles paid a special visit to the hospital on 23rd February 2018 to meet the team and get a close-up look at some of the equipment and services their hard work has paid for.

Now the oldest hospital league in the UK, over the years the group has been responsible for raising a remarkable £2,200,000 which has gone directly into supporting patient care.

Among those welcoming the Prince was League of Friends Chairman John Hughes MBE, whose father William Randall Hughes was one of its founder members back in 1943.

Pre-dating the NHS, it was established to provide film shows and concerts for wounded servicemen and the very first pieces of equipment it bought were headphones for each hospital bed.

Mr Hughes said: “My mother Gladys was also a member and I was brought up to be a part of it. I remember being a 12-year-old boy helping to show films on the wards and it has just gone from there. ”

The family tradition continues as the League’s current secretary is John’s wife Patricia whose own mother and father were also involved.

That proud history of fundraising – which has paid for everything from accommodation for patients’ families through to a cutting edge 3D scanner – was highlighted during the royal visit.

During his time at Morriston Prince Charles visited The President and Vice Presidents of the League, Committee members and Supporters and past Members and talked about their work over the years and praised them on their achievements over 75 years.

The seven volunteers who now make up the League also explained their other contributions which include providing a small Christmas present for every patient and member of staff.

Mr Hughes, who had previously met the Prince when he was presented with his MBE for Services to the Community in Swansea, said:

“We are so honoured and very grateful that His Royal Highness found time to come and find out more about our work here at Morriston.
We are now only a small group but we are very proud of everything that the League has been able to achieve over the decades.
Our aim has always been to do whatever we can to help the patients – whether that is taking them to worship in the hospital’s multi-faith room or providing the funds for vital new equipment. Morriston Hospital remains such an important part of our community and our dedication to support it is as strong now as it was 75 years ago.”

Hospital Director Rebecca Carlton added: “The dedication and support of the League of Friends and their fundraising has been incredible. The impact their donations have made is tremendous.

“We were so pleased to have welcomed Prince Charles and given him the opportunity to see why our League is so special.”

If you would like to help continue the League of Friends’ work the committee meets bi-monthly on the first Wednesday and would welcome new members.

Contact Mrs Patricia Hughes on 01792 794480 or Mrs Sian Harris Williams on 01639 591874 to find out more.

League of Friends Letter

Morriston Hospital League of Friends gave up their Christmas Eve evening to provide and distribute free gifts to all the in-patients and ward staff at the hospital over the Christmas period. Pictured are League of Friends Treasurer Sian Harris Williams, Committee members Heulwen James, Jean Fowler and Publicity Officer Douglas G Thomas.

League of Friends Publicity Officer  Douglas Thomas said: “Over the last 60 years the Morriston Hospital League of Friends have provided small Christmas gifts to the inpatients and ward staff at Morriston on Christmas Eve. This year we distributed approx 900 inscribed pens and notebooks. Next year (2018), the League of Friends will be celebrating 75 Years at Morriston Hospital. The longest serving hospital league in the UK, and we would like to say a big thank you to all who have supported us over many years”.

The League of Friends has been at Morriston Hospital since June 1943, and provides a very important service to some of the most vulnerable people living in the South West Wales area. The League has over many years raised more than £2,100,000 to buy new hospital equipment, and support the wonderful work that is carried out at this hospital on a daily / weekly basis.