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Meet the League Day 9th April 2019

Another very successful morning at the Hospital. We sold cakes made by Sian and Patricia and hand made crafts and cards made by Jean and Kath. The cakes were a sell out!! Another exceptional day for promoting the League of Friends.

A Scope Guide presented to the Colonoscopy Department on 8th April 2019

Colonoscopy is a skilled procedure and can be challenging and unpredictable. The use of Scope guide makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and can aid the doctor greatly on completing the procedure. The scope guide provides a 3D and a real time view of the scope inside the patients abdomen. It identifies the position if the scope inside the abdomen cavity. It helps to identify loop formation in the bowel and helps to resolve these loops. Formation of loops can be very painful so preventing or resolving them makes the procedure much more comfortable for the patient. Cost £33,603.51.

Present Sister Terisa Maddison Endoscopy Unit Morriston Hospital

Peter Owen President Morriston Golf Club Pat Nolan Captain Morriston Golf Club

Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends, John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends, Heulwen James, Jean Fowler, Douglas Thomas, Dr Dave, Staff Nurse Nicola Harvey and Staff Nurse Emma Davies.