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RITA Presentation to Ward D on 25th March 2019

Reminiscence Interactive Therapy and Activities involves a touch screen computer and tablet. The concept is to provide distraction therapy, break boredom, and reduce falls among those patients with dementia who are admitted to Ward D acutely unwell. The software consists of games, activities, films, music, relaxation pastimes, bingo and a whole range of other viewing material. The ward requested four touch screen computers and hoped to provide one set in each of the four sections of the ward. Total cost £23.980.

Present : John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends, Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends, Heulwen James, Douglas Thomas Publicity Officer, Anna Harries Matron Ward D,

Claire Morris Sister Ward D and Nicola Williams Nurse Director Morriston Hospital.