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Presentation of an Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner

Morriston Hospital League of Friends Presentation – Wednesday Evening, 30th November 2016 

 Presentation of an “Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner” to the Operating Theatres at Morriston Hospital.

Presentation took place in the Theatre Suite at Morriston Hospital, Swansea

Presentation of an “Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner”. Mr Hazem Al-Momani, Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon who specialises in gall bladder and stomach surgery said:  “The ultrasound scanner would be used in theatre instead of an MRI scanner during surgery – which would save theatre time and staff resource, it will also increase the opportunity for more gall bladder and stomach surgery to be carried out on a daily basis”.

League of Friends Publicity Officer Douglas Thomas said: “Many patients will benefit from this new Intra Operative Laparoscopic Ultrasound Scanner equipment at Morriston Hospital. The cost of this new scanner is £34,000. This is an essential piece of equipment, and will be used on patients undergoing stomach or gall bladder surgery at Morriston.

The League has over many years raised more than £2,000,000 to buy new hospital equipment, and support the wonderful work that is carried out at this hospital on a weekly basis. We are always grateful for the generous support we get from the people of Swansea and South West Wales when fundraising to buy vital equipment for Morriston Hospital”.

The following people were at the presentation and in the picture:-

Mr Douglas G Thomas – Publicity Officer, Morriston Hospital League of Friends

Mrs Patricia Hughes – League Secretary

Mrs Sian Harris Williams – League Treasurer

Mr John Hughes MBE – Chair of League

Mrs Jean Fowler – Committee Member

Mrs Heulwen James – Committee Member

Mr Paul Rees BEM – Committee Member

Mr Hazem Al-Momani – (Consultant Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeon)

Ms Niki Dickens – Theatre Sister at Morriston Hospital

Rev Lance Sharpe – Morriston Hospital Chaplain

Douglas Thomas LCGI, M.Inst.LM, M.Inst.LG

Publicity Officer, Morriston Hospital League of Friends

Telephone No: – 01792 766162

1st December 2016