Archive | September 2015

Ultrasound Scanner to the A&E Department

A request was received from the Emergency Department within Accident and Emergency to purchase a DC70 Ultrasound machine costing £20,898.55. The linear probe for the current machine had broken down and was clinically unsafe to use. The objective would be to enhance the quality of patient care through rapid diagnosis and treatment. The plan is in line with national development of basic ultrasound skills to appropriately trained staff. Patients are the primary benefactors. Time to diagnosis is known to be reduced.


Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends,  Douglas Thomas, Jean Fowler, Heulwen James, Terry Beynon Captain of Moriston Golf Club Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends and John A Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends along with D Amit Shifkumar Associate Specialist and Clinical Lead for Ultrasound in the Emergency Department, Dr Sendhil Kumar and Dr Howard Allen with the new DC70 Ultrasound System costing £20,898.55.