3dmd Maxillofacial

3D Image camera

We have moved into a digital age for healthcare enabling us to deliver better, faster and more efficient services to patients. ABMU Health board has led the way in many innovations in this area and in particular in digital imaging.

The Maxillofacial Unit some years ago invested in a 3D surface capture system that could take  virtually instant 3D images of the face. This allowed for improvements in treatments such as burns splint therapies, surgery planning and facial prostheses. The two camera system was based in medical photography so it was accessible to all specialties and very soon it became useful in many other treatment areas such as breast reconstruction and scar management.

As images with two cameras are only able to capture small areas of the body, investment in a 5 camera system were considered giving larger more complete images in a shorter time.

After a presentation to the Morriston Hospital League of Friends, the need to support the purchase and integrate a five camera system was agreed and the funds donated.

With this generous support a five camera system has now been installed in the Medical Illustration Department on a purpose built frame. This new system is able to capture 360 degree images of the head and body instantly and is first of its type in Wales and only the second in the UK.

The ability to capture a 3D image of a patients surface anatomy instantly and without using CT or MRI enables a wide range of treatments and services such as burns pressure therapy masks, face and body prostheses,  implant  design  and wound and scar management. Before this technology was available patients would have had to undergo lengthy and uncomfortable impressions using plaster and silicones.

Peter Llewellyn Evans

Maxillofacial Laboratory Services Manager

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