Morriston Hospital friends appeal for more members

In the last 12 months the Morriston Hospital League of Friends has raised nearly £50k.

The £49,410 has been used to buy additional equipment for the hospital, which benefit patients on a daily basis.

Together the leagues members have a fundraising experience of 160 years, but are only a small team, they would love to have more volunteers to help them carry on their successes.

One of the leagues biggest fundraising events is the annual golf tournament which has raised £136,806.50 since it started 21 years ago.  Held at the Morriston Golf Club it is extremely popular and a great day out.

Picture below: Pembroke Ward staff members testing the new Anatome chairs, which the league has purchased costing £2170.


League Chairman, John Hughes has been fundraising for 56 years and said: “We know money is tight, but we also know that people are very kind and generous when we collect for the hospital.

“Every penny raised is ploughed into the hospital; it is the patients who see the benefits of the equipment that we buy. 

Pictured are Reverend Nigel Griffin Hospital Chaplain, Sian Harris Williams Treasurer League of Friends, Patricia Hughes Secretary League of Friends John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends and Pembroke Ward Staff

“We have purchased allsorts from Dyson fans, 3d scanners to patient packs, which contain toiletries and sleepwear for patients who are unexpectedly admitted to hospital.

“We are only a small group and are always looking for new volunteer members.  If you can give a few hours a week or month we would love to hear from you.” 


Ward F – Elderly Care, Sister Linda Elt has received donations from the league and was delighted with them. She said: “We are extremely grateful to the Morriston League of Friends for purchasing two Gaz Trip shower chars and two Dyson fans which cost £3,200. 

Pictured are Staff of Ward F, Ward Sister Linda Elt, Sian Harris Williams League of Friends Treasurer, Nigel Griffin Hospital Chaplain,Patricia Hughes

Secretary League of Friends and John Hughes MBE Chairman League of Friends.

“The chairs are marvellous and enable stroke patients to shower independently as possible.  The fans are amazing they don’t have any blades and the risk of infection is greatly reduced.”

“I know that across the hospital, the league is making a real difference to the patients.  Little things like fans and chairs are really important to everyday life in hospital.”

If you are interested in become a member please visit for more information.  Alternatively contact the Secretary on 01792 794480.

Some of the items donated the last 12 months are:-

  • Ward S, Bladder Scanner – £8,345
  • A&E /Cardiology, 3d Echocardiology System
  • Ward F, Shower Chairs and Fans – £3200
  • Pembroke Ward, two Hill-Rom Anatome Chairs – £2170
  • Cardiac Ward, Hand Held Scanner – £4,995 and donation towards 3d TOE probe scanner – £10,000
  • Maxillofacial Department, 3d four pod dimension imaging system – £20,700

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